Improved Performance

[ All versions] NEW!

Enjoy faster rendering and improved performance with Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration for video.

Verbeterde prestaties

Title – Editor

[ All versions ] NEW!

Manipulate the individual elements of each title with a keyframe-based control, allowing you to add completely personalized movements and special effects to your text in the redesigned Title Editor.

Streamline your workflow

[ All Versions ] NEW!

Streamline your workflow with smart tools such as project notes, reorganized library folders and improved keyboard shortcuts. Discover the most customizable and intuitive editing experience ever!

Een doelmatigere workflow
Afbeeldingen en overlays

Graphics and Overlays

[ All versions ] NEW!

Explore the new animation, graphics and background overlays for creativity as simple as drag and drop.

Keyframe control

[ All Versions ] IMPROVED !

Take advantage of all the improvements in the frame-accurate editing power of keyframes that make your adjustments whole 
can quickly copy from one clip and paste into another.

Dynamische videomaskers

Dynamic Videomasks

[ Only in Ultimate ] NEW!

Manipulate masks down to individual frames with the new controls, allowing you to apply remarkable special effects. Create custom masks with new tools, then save them with the new keyboard shortcuts so you can reuse them for future projects.

Face Tracking

[ Only in Ultimate ] IMPROVED!

Identify and track faces with the new smart tools in Motion Tracking and Video Masks. With improved Face Tracking and Edge Detection technology, it’s easier and more intuitive than ever to edit Motion Tracking shots.

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More info or do you want to buy Pinacle Studio 24 ? Click the button below to see the best deals.

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