Editing video

”  Is your computer ready for some editing ?  “

” Have your chosen your software for editing ?  “

” then you are good to go and start edit right now !! “

Depending on wich program you did choose you can start editing now and i will try to help you along the way.
Some people want free editing and some did pay some money for it. I will go sit in the middle and put the focus on Filmora 9.
Filmora 9 is an average paid editor but the interface and layout is very alike other editors.
And thats why i use Filmora 9 as a base for teaching video editing.
These step by step video’s below are dutch spoken, but you can enable English Subs.
I will post many more Tutorials, Tips and Tricks in the near future.

Good Luck with your editing and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Step 1 - Select software (english SUBs)

In this first video about the basics of videoediting i will tell you the difference between buying Filmora 9 or download it for free.

Step 2 - Settings (english SUBs)

In this video i will show you the best settings for Filmora 9
Filmora 9 is very good for people who start with editing video.

Step 3 - Menu-Workspaces (english subs)

The menu and Workspaces are being explained here in an easy way so that everyone can start editing.

Step 4 - Project settings (english SUBs)

I will show you the settings of a project.
Resolution, framerate and ratio will be explained here.

Step 5 - import media (english SUBS)

In this video of the serie”The basics of videoediting” i will show you how to import your media and organize is as well.

Step 6 - screenrecorder (english Subs )

This time i am gonna teach you about the screenrecorder. How it is used and for what. 

Step 7 - Cutting and Trimming your video (english Subs )

Now you learn all about the cutting, trimming and pasting clips in your timeline. This way you can only keep the videoparts you want.

Step 8 - Elements, effects and transitions (english Subs )

Welcome to yet another Tutorial about learning to edit video.
This video is all about using elements, effects and transitions.

Step 9 - Shortkeys ( english subs )

Welcome to part 9 of the series : Learn the basics of video editing” with Filmora 9
In this video, i will explain the most used shortkeys you can use while editing

Step 10 - The Preview Window (english Subs )

Welcome to yet another Tutorial about learning to edit video in an very easy way.
This video is all about the preview window, what is it?  

Step 11 - Rendering your video (english Subs )

Learn the basics of video editing here at this channel.
In this Tutorial i will show how to export your timeline to a video.






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