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Paid Software

On this page, you find software who must be paid to get the compleet version. Mostly they have a 30 trail version, free download but a watermark in your exported video.
These programs have most of the time very good support from the creator or a forum on the website and they do not give you a Beta version.
That means , less bugs or crashes.
Some programs offer a lifetime license, when you can work really well with a program then you can consider buying it for life.
One of the most know brand who does that is Filmora ( Wondershare) 

Here are some paid versions of edit software, starting low costs to more expensive. 


Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world. Make your videos rock with special effects, keyframe animation, and ready-made intros. Apply Chroma Key to easily change the background of your clips to anything you like. Try the new, refined user interface – so easy, there’s nothing to learn. Enjoy lightning-fast file processing and rendering.

Why choose Movavi’s simplicity over the competition’s complexity?

Unlike complex professional programs, Movavi Video Editor Plus doesn’t hide its broad capabilities beneath multiple layers of tabs and menus. It’s all right there at your fingertips, ready to enhance your creative efforts.

Magix Movie Studio 18


Magix Vegas Movie Studio serie

First owned by Sony, Magix bought the big brother Vegas Pro.
Movie Studio is a affordable piece of software and there are three  versions for sale.

Vegas Movie Studio costs around 50 dollar
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum costs around 80 dollar
Vegas Movie Studio Suite costs around 140 Dollar.


Movie Studio is straight forward editing and is even for beginners very good to use and  understand.
I think Movie Studio is easier to learn then some of the other free ones.
You get alot  of transitions and effects, the Platinum and the Suite have more effects in
them like the Warp and also support stabilisation for your clips.
Click on the pictures below to go to the website of Vegascreativesoftware and then you can compare the versions.


Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is becomming on of the best editors for people with no large budget.
Filmora used to be a very basic editor with simple functions, but they still add some options in their software.
It now has functions who you only find in more expensive like pre render and the ability to use proxies.
Proxies are ment to make your workflow go smooth and you get no stutter during play. 

Tons of effects 

Filmora has Filmstocks, these are paid transitions, audio sounds and effects.
But there are a ton of effects, transitions and sounds available for free in Filmora 9.

I am working on a serie Tutorials now about Filmora 9 and they all have english sub.
Wondershare has provided me with a full version 8 and so they made this Tutorials possible.
I want to thank them alot for this.
Check out my playlist of Filmora 8 or older here ( English Subs )

Check out my Filmora 9 Tutorials here  ( English Subs )
Also check Filmora X Tutorials ( English Subs )

The latest  patches and updates are located here.


Filmora X
Filmora 9 workspace

Wondershare Anireel

Famisafe Parental Control App

Pinnacle Studio 

Pinnacle Studio is still the most know and popular editor there is.
I started my editing when there was version 9 and there is version 23 already, time flies. Pinnacle is known from their workspace look , easy and simpel but real effective.
From version 17 there has been some changes to that looks but it is still very easy to work with. They added a library function. With a library you can sort out your files before you start editing.
This is a great function, because it really helps when you have alot of footage.
There are three versions you can by, but when your a beginner i recommend the cheapest one. Upgrading is always possible ( when the new version comes out ). There are alots of effects, music, sound effects and transitions and they come
with the software ( depends on the version you choose ).

Edit like a pro with the power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio™ 25 Ultimate.
This powerful video editing suite is loaded with pro-caliber tools and powerful keyframe controls to fine-tune every parameter of your production.
Leverage an expansive collection of features and effects that will take your editing to new creative heights, and command control over your work with fully customizable editing experience.
Explore enhanced Video Masking, Color Grading controls, screen recording, and tap into hundreds of creative effects and powerful tools.
NEW Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate introduces… –
NEW Smart Object Tracking: An Ultimate exclusive, new Smart Object Tracking inside the Mask Creator leverages AI technology to identify people, animals, food, vehicles and more in your footage and track them across your clips, saving you hours of manual frame-by-frame video masking –
NEW Blend Modes: A requested feature, Blend Modes are an industry standard tool that empowers you to layer tracks creatively and achieve everything from subtle light bleeds to incredible visual effects –
NEW Pitch Scaling and Time Stretching: Change the pitch or length of an audio recording such as music, narration or dialogue without distorting the sound – NEW 8K Import: Bring in your 8K footage and export to 4K or HD – NEW Keyframe Groups: Duplicate your advanced customizations more efficiently with a new ability to copy and paste groups of keyframes to a later timecode in the clip for easy repeat animations –
ENHANCED Video Masking: Enjoy improved mask creation and mask management with grouped raster and vector tools, plus a new ability to convert track masks to clip masks and vice versa …and so much more!

Pinnacle Studio 25
Pinnacle Studio 25 Plus
Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate

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