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Hello, I am Robert.  I’ve Been  editing video’s for over 18 years now

 Want to learn it the easy way ?   

I started editing video’s like most of the people, unknown what was coming and finding out really quickly that is takes time, lots of time and patience.
Starting 18 years ago with Pinnacle Studio 9, a computer ( Athlon 800 ) and a camera ( Hi 8 ).
But while editing, it has come clear to me that it is fun and very rewarding to do.
Keeping that in mind i wanted to help other people creating their video’s.
In these days of social media, everybody has footage to edit.


So let’s learn the basics of editing

all my advice is free !

To help as much people with learning to edit, i started my Dutch website www.filmbewerking.nl about 8 years ago.
The website is really doing well now and i have helped many people with their editing questions and problems.
I came to the idea to start a website in English about editing video.
So here it is and i hope i can help alot of people out there with their editing.

And all my help is for free !

Nikon P1000

Looking for fantastic footage, effects, transitions or music to use unlimited in your video’s ?
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My Vision

”  See the video in your head “

” Try to keep editing simple “

” Create beautiful memories “

My vision is to provide as many help as i can give to people.
It does not matter if you are  a beginner or a advanced user, i will try to solve issues and get people on their way into the beautiful world of editing video. Keep it as simple as i can. 
I want to do this by a step by step method.
So, i hope you learn from this site and if you have questions or remarks you can leave them on the contact page.


Most recent posts

Free DVD Burning software tool | With Chapters and Menu options

Learn to edit video with Filmora Pro 


New ! Check out my new Tutorials about Filmora Pro.
Filmora Pro is the bigger version of Filmora X and is very impressive to work with.
All the things that are important for editing video are there.
Motion Tracking, Color Grading, Animation, Green screen an many more new features.
The Tutorials are spoken in English and they also have an Sub with them.
Not the automated one from Youtube, but i made the subs and speech myself.

You can find the Tutorials below


Filmora Pro Tutorials

Wondershare Anireel

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How to Export | Upload your video directly to Youtube.
It is easy to do with Filmora 9.

In this Tutorial you can learn how to speed up your editing speed and playback in Filmora X. You will see examples and also you can learn to make a splitscreen. Editing takes alot of power from hardware and if you playback or edit your clips then it will have choppy playback.
In this video you will see tips and tricks to avoid them and make editing more fun.
If you want to purchase Filmora X, wich is a wonderful package , cheap en perfect for learning to edit More info about Filmora here :

About me

Wondershare Anireel

Get 40% Off On SysTools Products

Years Experience

Years Hardware knowledge

Years software experience


  • Over 115 video’s on Youtube 
  • Tips and tricks 
  • Video Tutorials


  • Hardware engineer
  • Repairing hardware problems
  • Custom Build for editing


  • Free software 
  • Cheap software
  • Editor software for pro’s 

Wondershare Anireel

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Some of My Work

The Tutorials below are for learning a certain program for editing, but also for tips and tricks 
Most of them have English Subs.

Hitfilm Express
( English Subs )

Free editing
Davinci Resolve
( English Subs )

Tips and Tricks
( English Subs )

Are you ready to create beautiful memories ?

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