Create stunning video’s with Artlist, Artgrid and Motion Array
Do you need music, soundeffects, stock footage, photo, transitions or templates for your video’s ? 

Artlist, Artgrid en Motion Array has it all
Artlist has Music and Sound FX. They are all copyright free, so unlimited use.
Artgrid has stock video, very usefull for making intro’s, demo’s or theme video’s.
Motion Array is a All in 1 package. Music, soundeffects, stock footage, photo, transitions or templates.
Motion Array also has a Plug in and a Extension. Very handy because it becomes integrated in your video editor software program.

Music, sound fx and stock video’s are usable with every Videoeditor but Presets, Templates and Motion Graphics are ment for Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects en Final Cut Pro.

I have made 3 Tutorials for Youtube. I would like to thank them for giving me a temp licence so that i could make this Tutorials. 
I hope they help you and good luck with editing the best video ever !