Adobe Premiere Pro crashes or freezes problem (solved)

Adobe Premiere Pro crashes solved

A couple of weeks ago i had crashes with Premiere Pro.
Weird crahses, looks like a sort of freeze. It happend when i added or moved a track.
But also when i had Youtube running in the background.
These are known issues and Adobe is working on them.
Searching for it on Google learned me that these problems allready occurred with version 14.3.

I have found the solution on the internet and that is the only working solution.
This solution is that you update to the beta version and that is version 14.8.


So i did the update last night and it worked perfectly. All the problems are gone.
Maybe if you change your version to 14.2 or lower that that is also a solution , but i don’t want to go back in the version, because there are some real performance improvings done lately.

If you open the Creative cloud app, you can find the option to install the Beta in the menu on the left, called Beta.

Good luck, if you have questions, you can send me a mail here.

”  See the video in your head “

” Try to keep editing simple “

” Create beautiful memories “

Software Questions

Where can i find free software ?

Free software to edit video is very useful if you want to try it or do not have the money for it. I found some real good ones and here is the link to them.

Why should i pay for software ?

Good question. 
You don't need to, there are really good free ones.
If your a beginner, it is good to start free but once you get better in editing, you want more.
And then you run into things who are difficult or the free ones can not do that.

What type of video is good for Youtube ?

Youtube can handle alot of video types. 
But i think that h.264 is the best ( .mp4 ) 

My video has become bad quality since it is on Facebook, how come ?

Facebook is a wonderful way to promote your video, but Facebook sets down the quality because they have their own filter for video. This is done for saving data use.

I get an error when i render a video with Adobe Premiere Pro, what can i do ?

Most of the time you can see in the errormessage wich effect does this.
Search for that clip, select the clip before and after it and then rightclick and choose nesting it.
Then apply the effect again
Wacht how here how it's done.

Hardware Questions 

I want to edit video , can my computer handle video editing ?

This depends on what kind of video you want to edit.
Full HD is not so demending as 4K video .
The minimal requirements for editing video can be found here. 

I want a new camera, must i buy one with 4k video ?

No, that is not necessary. 1080P is good enough.
But if you have the budget and your computer can handle it, i would.

Can i edit my smartphone footage to ?

Shure you can, smartphones have real good quality these days.
The only thing they have not that well is zooming in.
Most of the smartphones do that digital, so the quality is less than.

The video from my drone is very poor quality, how is that possible ?

If that happens, you are looking at the cache files on your phone or tablets internal memory.
DJI for example makes such a folders on your phone or tablet.
Use the footage that is recorded on the SD card in your drone.

Are there tricks i can do with my camera ?

Yes, there are.
In this video i explain how you make nice effects with a simple camera movement.

Do i need to buy a seperate videocamera and photocamera ?

Of course that is an option but most bridges camera's like mine Panasonic FZ1000 have a great video and photo quality.
SLR camera's do not have both at the same time mostly.


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